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Highly Recommended Shower Remodeling Contractor In Coachella Valley

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Located in Coachella Valley
Licensed and Bonded

Experience A Prime Shower

For the discerning Coachella Valley resident, remodeling a bathroom is a lifestyle statement. It says, "I am taking charge of who I am, and taking care of who I am becoming". As time passes, a lot of the old and molding that happens to showers become more than just an inconvenience. Yet the endless romance with the city, its designs, and heritage is an enchanting core of the life and people in the ever-vibrant Coachella and California cities. What's the point of a cramped up, crusty, old bathroom, when you can shower yourself with some affection? 

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Amazing Shower designs

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​Quality you Feel Every Time

It's important to make a decisive move. Shower remodeling is a great way to increase your properties value. We make an effort to justify this for you by providing


  • A Design to meet your expectations.

  • Custom-experience for each new request. 

  • Results that exceed client expectations. 

  • Quick delivery on cost estimates. 

  • Free onsite appointments. 

Invest in a Quality Contractor

Considering how much work, time, and resources each shower remodel requires we are attentive to the needs of clients. In recent times, more homeowners have found their taste in shower designs climbing the scales in terms of aesthetics, ambiance, and comfort. The more time spent in shared spaces with our family and loved ones, the more desirable it is to be surrounded by a true reflection of opulence and splendor. Life becomes even more colorful as this home evolution unfolds.

It's sad to accept that your compact and lovely shower may have outlived its value or even grown crusty and moldy. Now you want something to spend more time in - the kind of space that allows your mind to rest, roam, and flourish. 

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Committed to Customer Service

JJDE Construction Co. is committed to giving you your desired lifestyle transformation at a price within your reach. We are committed to providing designs and remodeling of showers that our clients envision because we understand how valuable luxurious comfort spaces can be.

If you want value for your self-care budget, ramp up your shower model, lavishly decorate this sanctuary where your mind can blissfully drift. With a team of some of California's best shower remodeling experts, we are ready to serve your needs wherever you are.

Our operations cover the Palm Springs area, including but not limited to:  

  • Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City

  • Palm Springs, Indian Wells

  • La Quinta and surrounded areas

Bringing together a medley of history, interior décor, and modern ambiance, we create an enchanting space for all your grooming needs. Place a call today and speak with a representative. Only the best results matter to us!



Serving All Coachella Valley Cities

Coachella, Indio, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs

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How to Hire a contractor.

Free PDF Guide.

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